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Engino Architecture Set: Eiffel Tower & Sydney Bridge

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Engino Architecture Set: Eiffel Tower & Sydney Bridge The ARCHITECTURE SET demonstrates the ability of the Engino system to build huge models of impressive size and style. Create two oversized...

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Engino Architecture Set: Eiffel Tower & Sydney Bridge

The ARCHITECTURE SET demonstrates the ability of the Engino system to build huge models of impressive size and style. Create two oversized models of the world famous Eiffel Tower in France and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia! The Eiffel Tower model measures 150 cm (59") tall and the Sydney Harbour Bridge measures 142 cm (56") in length! The set comes in a convenient plastic storage tub with lid for easy storage and it includes a booklet about the history and importance of the two structures. It also contains a second booklet about buildings and bridges, providing detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied and incorporating innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning. Build 9 working models such as a house, a pyramid and various types of bridges: beam, arch, truss, cable-stayed and suspension bridge.

A Quiz section is also available to challenge your newly acquired knowledge! Conduct thorough experiments and discover:

  • - how triangulation makes a structure stronger;
  • - what are the main types of forces acting on structures;
  • - how do trusses work;
  • - what are the major types of cable bridges.

  • Build 2 oversized models of the Eiffel Tower 150 cm (59") tall and the Sydney Bridge 142 cm (56") in length, plus 9 working models.
  • The set comes in a plastic tub with lid for easy storage.
  • 34-page booklet about the history of the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Bridge with building instructions.
  • 38-page booklet about buildings and bridges with theory, experimental activities, quiz and building instructions.
  • Full colour images, drawings and interesting facts.
  • Thought provoking building challenges and exercises.
  • Provision to write, note results and draw conclusions.
  • Recommended for ages 8-16+

    Snap-fit connectivity in any direction and angle.
    Extraction tool for easy disassembly.
    3D interactive instructions to download on your smart device.
    Easy-to-follow building instructions.
    All parts are non-toxic and made to last.

    The DISCOVERING STEM™ series was developed by qualified teachers and academics, following the latest pedagogical trends in order to combine theory with practice. The series deals with the core subjects of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - in a fascinating and enjoyable way. Each package includes a comprehensive activity booklet, covering a broad area of subjects: Mechanics and Simple Machines, Structures, Newton’s Laws, Renewable Energy and even Programmable Robotics! The combined packages of Simple Machines and Physics Resource Master Set include 5 and 8 activity booklets respectively.

    ENGINO® TOY SYSTEM is perhaps the most advanced and versatile three dimensional construction toy in the market today! What makes this product so unique is the variety of innovations in functionality and efficiency. The patented design of the parts allows snap-fit connectivity of up to 6 sides simultaneously! Triangulation is easily achievable with the TEE and ELBOW connectors without the trouble of having any protruding elements, while the extendable rods offer accurate lengths within the point of a millimetre! With the ENGINO system the creation of any angle is possible either by using the fixed 45 degrees connector or the pivoted joint part. Every set is specially designed to be both creative and educational, unleashing children's imagination and making learning fun.



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      Unit Dimensions (cm): 49 x 16 x 37
      Unit Weight (kg): 4.47

      For Ages 8+.

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